Tech Tuesday Begins: Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

Cooper Hamill, Staff Writer

Do you ever find yourself thinking about the seemingly endless amount of technology circulating within our very planet? If so, then welcome to Tech Tuesday! Over the course of the next few months, a Tech Tuesday article will be released every other week. I will go over all the new gadgets and gizmos and give my honest feedback on what I think about said product.

Today’s Tech has yet to be released: The Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra. Samsung, a personal favorite of mine, decided to drop what may be their best device yet. What makes the Ultra so triumphant over every other phone? That’s easy: the S20 Ultra packs an insane 120 hertz display. Compare that to the Galaxy Note 10+’s 60 hertz display. It may very well be the best display on the market right now. However it does come with a few downsides. The phone is absolutely massive, with dimensions of 2.99 x 6.57 x .35 inches. That’s right, it’s almost 7 inches long and a half an inch thick, not to mention the massive camera adding thickness to the top left-hand corner of the phone. Even though it has a massive 5,000 mAh battery, it still only manages to get around five and a half hours with a full charge. That may sound low, but running a 120 hertz display for that long is very impressive. The S20 also comes with a 25 watt fast charger, although it is also capable of supporting a 45 watt charger. So if you have an extra $1,400 laying around and want the absolute best bang for your buck, or just want an all-around amazing phone that takes 8k videos, 108 megapixel photos, and has a 100x zoom camera .  . . then the S20 is for you.