Scenes from Mr. Peace’s (Online) Classroom

Digital learning, let’s be honest, can be draining.

Given this, Mr. Peace’s 12th Honors English classes, as well as the Journalism staff, were tasked with a few activities these past couple weeks to help liven up the digital learning experience.

Below are various illustrations of famous characters like Shrek, Batman, and Killer Moth, as well as select haikus, the titles for which came from random phrases, objects, places, and people submitted by the students themselves.



“Clowns Beyond Outer Space” – Tony Benavides

The clowns float away

In their tiny clown mobile

Next stop: Space circus



“Yarn” – Emma Delaney
Weave it into hats
Crochet it into purses
Loom it into scarves


“Scooters (the ones you sit on)” – Ashlyn Farmer
Speeding down the road
The wind messes up my hair
Scooter let me go


“Vampires above Del Taco” – McKenna Fountain
Hey! Edward Cullen!
Why is he at Del Taco?
Guess we’ll never know.
“Greasy Wall Ball” – Sam Guess
Ball slips out of hand
Too much grease from the fry cook
Ball still hit the wall


“Fat Dolls” – Keilah Hall
As a kid I had
Fat dolls that couldn’t fit in
anything I had


“The Idea of Dying Alone in Fazoli’s” – Abi Jarvis
Cockroaches swarming
Alone in sauce and breadsticks
I suffocate, dead
“Gassy Mr. Bradford” – Alex Jones
Walking into school
Last night’s Mexican roaring
Gassy all day long
“Bullying Mr. Bradford” – Joseph Lyons
Oh Mr. Bradford
I am going to hurt you
Run in fear from me
“Untitled” – Samuel Mansi
“Slimy Mummies” – Gunner Bryson
Mummies are OK
Sometimes a little bit strange
Though always slimy
“Grimey Mr. Wynn” – Garrett Peace
Face down in the muck.
Last place in the race. He should
Be called Mr. Lose.
“The Top of the Creative Discovery Museum” – Garrett Peace
Dust swirls in circles.
Nothing to discover up
here—except yourself.