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Baley Morehead

Baley Morehead, Staff Writer

Baley Morehead is a sixteen-year-old junior at Heritage High in his first semester of Journalism. As the brother of Shane Morehead, a journalism staff veteran, he decided the class may be a fun and useful way to spend his time at school. 

Outside of school, he likes to spend it doing things such as watching and studying movies, playing video games, learning about anything interesting, and taking in nature around him. He would like to spend more time in the future traveling, writing, and filming. Some day, he’ll see the whole world.

Baley likes to slow down and appreciate the good things around him, something that isn’t always easy, but is always worth it. However, he also believes that if he isn’t dreaming big, he’s just wasting his imagination. 

As the youngest of five children and a generally quiet guy, he hopes that Journalism can be a way to be heard, as well as a worthwhile learning experience.

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