Fall Break with the Journalism Staff: Plans & a Playlist


Katherine Ceballos

This Fall Break, I am going to Mexico for the first time. I will be there for three days, and I am going to visit my mom’s side of the family. I know that when we arrive we will be going to see the cliff divers. I will be going with my siblings and my sister’s fiancé. We will be exploring the city and bringing back souvenirs. Some places I’d like to visit are the Mayan ruins and some beaches nearby.

Song: “Bad Habit” by Steve Lacy

Hailee Cicili

I’m spending my Fall Break in Miami, Florida in a town called Hialeah.

I am going to visit my dad’s side of the family to see my grandpa because he has been sick for the last month. Also to see my uncle and cousins. I haven’t seen them in a few years because of covid and all that. I’m excited to have mamae. It’s a tropical fruit. It kinda tastes like a strawberry but better. 

My favorite song at the moment is “She Got the Best of Me” by Luke Combs. I don’t know why [I like it,] really; it’s just a good beat.

Miles Clark

This Fall Break, I don’t have many plans for the actual week. On Saturday, my dad and I are going to the Georgia vs Auburn game. After the Georgia game, I’m sure we’ll make a Buc-ee’s trip for our beaver nugget stash. I’m not sure when, but my family is going to have some sort of get-together during the week. 

Songs: “Bound” by the Ponderosa Twins Plus One and “Fever” by Aldous Harding. [Editor’s Note: “Fever” receives the Mr. Peace Stamp of Approval.]

Kendra Collins

My Fall Break plans include a trip to Disney World. It’s not my first time, because I’ve been around 13 times (yes, I’m flexing). We’re going early Saturday (like 1-2am, because it’s an 8 hour drive) and we’re leaving Wednesday (I think). My favorite park, I would say, is Hollywood Studios. I like Galaxy’s Edge even though it is a little sparse. Also, my “insider secret” is not really a secret, but you kinda have to be in the know to know. If you plan on going again, get genie+: it’s the new fast pass at Disney. Yes, it’s a little pricey, but it’s worth it. Also, rope-drop any big rides you plan on riding before the line gets long. 

After all that, I’m not gonna do anything besides go to work on Saturday and Sunday. Also the song I’ve been listening to [lately] is “Mykonos” by Fleet Foxes. I mean, it is my #1 song of all time, according to my Spotify Top. Honestly, I’ll probably see it on my Spotify wrapped this year. 

John Hurst

This Fall Break, I don’t have any huge plans. I plan on playing a gut-wrenching game of golf with the fellows. I shall also go to work, which is less fun. That is all. 

Song: “Goin’ Gone” by Gavin Adcock

Abigail Maynor

I am not doing anything during Fall Break but go visit my grandparents. I am staying there for two nights just to hang out and probably play games, but that’s it. I have an ortho appointment, which I am not excited about. As far as right now, I have karate Thursday and Friday nights like normal, but I really don’t want to do it.

My favorite songs are anything Jason Aldean–“Dirt Road Anthem,” Got What I Got,” “She’s Country,” and so many more–or “What My World Spins Around” by Jordan Davis.

Alyx Quist

During Fall Break, I plan to read a lot. Currently, I am 48 pages into “Six of Crows” and I plan to read the sequel, “Crooked Kingdom,” next. I haven’t really gotten into the book yet, but I’m pretty much forcing myself to. I have the next book, so I don’t want it to be a waste of money. I’m hoping that there will be something in the book that would really pull me into it. There was a part with a bit of action that convinced me to continue reading, but, I have been putting off reading the rest. 

I’m also going to go kayaking with my friends and parents. I’m not sure where we are going kayaking: we go to a few places that I do not know the names of. I’m [also] not really sure how my family and I started kayaking, but we really enjoy it! 

I hope I will be able to bake during the break. I know for sure that during the break I will be playing tennis.

One song that I am really into right now would be “27 Club” by Strange Case. I listen to a very wide variety of songs, but that is one that I like the beat of. Perhaps you would like “The King” by Sarah Kinsley or “Far Away” by EAHA instead?

Maryetta Williams

I am going to be at home all Fall Break. I will probably hang out with some friends and sleep a lot. I’m excited to just be carefree for a week.

The song I have been listening to the most is “Gold rush” by Taylor Swift.

Azrael Woody

For my Fall Break, I don’t really have that many plans. Of course I will more than likely continue to work almost every single day, but I am going to try to relax a little more. I have not really gotten the opportunity to do that lately, so maybe I can just get a few hours to relax. Other than work and relaxation, I don’t have any plans.

I have been listening to a lot of songs because I am constantly listening to music. Lately I have found a fascination with the song “I Love You Too Much” from The Book of Life.

Natalie Ferry

I never really do things for break. My family doesn’t travel much, and I’m not a super outgoing person. So, I’m used to the lazy days spent at home during breaks. This fall break I have some US History homework to do, and I plan on finishing my Joshua’s Law (which is way overdue at this point). These past few weeks have been—in Mr. Peace’s elegant words— a hubbub. As I am writing this I cannot wait to sleep in for a week, and maybe even finish some projects that have been pushed back because of school.

I listen to a lot of music, and at some point I need to write an article about it. But, for now I guess I can list one song that has been on repeat recently. “Caledonia” by Dougie MacLean has become one of my all time favorite songs as of around 1 hour ago, and I am absolutely obsessed. I discovered this piece through a Jacob Collier cover. (Go check it out. He released a live cover album recently, and it does not disappoint.) The guitar in this song has a very fall sounding vibe, so it fits easily into our fall break playlist.

Mr. Peace

I’ve been reading a lot of ghost stories lately. 

It all started a month ago when I watched Whistle and I’ll Come to You, a famous BBC adaptation of a similarly titled M.R. James’ story. James seems to be known all over Britain for his stories: he’s something like the British equivalent of Stephen King if Stephen King wrote vaguely creepy stories at the turn of the 19th century. He became culturally ubiquitous in large part because of the BBC’s annual adaptations of his stories for their Ghost Story for Christmas TV films in the 70s, all of which seem to have been imprinted on the minds of any Briton over the age of 40. Whistle and I’ll Come to You is perhaps the most well-known of these adaptations, and it’s been on my watchlist for years. A couple of weeks ago, as the fall weather began creeping in, I figured it was finally time to see what all the fuss was about. Watching that led to me picking up James’ Collected Ghost Stories, which I’ve been pecking at every night, reading a story once every couple days. There’s nothing horrifying about these stories, really. In stark contrast to what we Americans think of as “horror,” these stories are marked not by gore but a creeping sense of unease, and a creeping sense of unease is exactly what I’m looking for right now. 

So I’ll be spending most of my Fall Break reading ghost stories from writers like James, Brian Evenson, Kelly Link, and Robert Aickman. That’s really all I want to do this break: read, relax, and feel pleasantly spooked. I’ll also be seeing, alongside my best friends, 90s indie rock legends Pavement on the second night of their shows this weekend at The Eastern in Atlanta. This is their first–and probably last–reunion tour since 2010, and I never thought I’d get the chance to see them, so I’m more excited about this show than I usually am. (Kids nowadays may not know the name Pavement, but they’ve certainly heard their obscure-b-side-turned-TikTok-hit, “Harness Your Hopes.) After that, though, it’s back  to the couch with an eerie book and some hot coffee. 

The song I chose to put on our playlist is Alex G’s “Early Morning Waiting.” It’s got an autumnal vibe, I think, and it’s become a highlight over the past couple weeks: I’ve been listening to his new album at least twice a day.