E. Smith

E. Smith

Emily Smith, News Writer

Most of us already know how to register for classes and are excited about doing so, because it means we are one step closer to graduating from high school. However, when no one does it, it torments the counselors.

Students at Heritage High School are now allowed to register for their upcoming classes next school year. This year, faculty has posted the registration form on the HHS website instead of handing out paper copies. But, if you would like a printout of what classes you are thinking about registering for, visit the Counselor’s Office or hit the print button on your registration guide. Students are also able to see a Course Catalog to help them understand what they are signing up for. During the time of registration, “students will look at their progress towards graduation, consider college/career options, update their Four Year Graduation Plan, and select the courses that they would like to take during the 2019-20 school year.”

Registration ends on March 8th, meaning that for all students who do not register for the classes they would like to take, counselors will put you in classes that need students. If you are not sure what classes you should take or if you want to do Move On When Ready, your counselor will be more than happy to help you. If you do not understand how to register for your classes, the counselors will be available in the Media Center during lunch on February 20th – 28th.

All students are required to sign up for the classes they would like to take, however, for those who do not, be prepared to get a classes that you might not like or have never thought to take.

Heritage High School Registration Information Link: http://www.hhs.catoosa.k12.ga.us/?PageName=LatestNews&Section=Highlights&ItemID=258165&ISrc=School&Itype=Highlights&SchoolID=2831