K. Thornburg

K. Thornburg

Karli Thornburg, Sports Writer

Over the weekend, the Heritage High School cheerleading squad went to their first competition at Coosa. Since the girls are 4A, they didn’t have much competition. Normally, their biggest competition is Lafayette High School, but they weren’t able to make it to the occasion.

The girls had an amazing weekend. Here are some thoughts of the competition from our Heritage Cheerleading team. Aaron Justice, junior, said, “This was our very first competition of the year. It went really really good. It went better than expected. Next week, we have another competition at Ringgold High School, and we hope to have a better weekend than we did this past weekend.” Kaylie Guinn, senior, added, “There was only one team in our division at the competition. Overall, we did pretty good. We compete at Ringgold next weekend, and we hope to do better than we did at Coosa.” Layla Brown, freshman, said, “The competition was fun. It was my first high school competition, and I look forward to many more. We, the girls, did really good, and I’m very proud of our teamwork. Next week, we’re going to do much better than we did at Coosa while at Ringgold.”

Overall, the girls did an amazing job at their first competition and they hope to do even better at their next. The team has amazing teamwork and work ethic. They work together as a team and absolutely sound and look amazing as a squad. The Heritage General Cheerleading Squad have really made our school proud and have set a mark on us.