Shalee Thompson, Staff Writer

Hey, tennis shoes lovers and those who might have the slightest shoe fetish, but isn’t willing to own up to the addiction. I’m here to inform you all about the new Nike lunar coverage and how these brand new pair of shoes can make you walk-the-walk and talk-the-talk.

Recently, I’ve been catching myself looking at shoes online for no reason; but, I have a shoe fetish and that makes it okay. Anyways, I have been contemplating on buying me some new tennis shoes because the two pairs I have are too small, and I’ve had them for about two years now; so I think it’s times for some new ones. As I’ve been looking, trying to to find best deals and the nicest pair of shoes I could find, to suit my liking of course, I came across the Nike lunar coverage and man are they stylish. They’re everything I’ve been wanting.

As this week has went on I finally talked my mom into letting me buy me the new shoes, and now that I have them I can’t stop looking at them. The shoe fits my foot so comfortably and it stretches to the right extent in every step. The shoe is the perfect weight and is so flexible. Now, the most important part (in my opinion) the shoe actually allows my foot to breath, and I can feel the air running in and out of the shoe. Also, the shoe matches with everything, which I love.

These new shoes definitely have me walking and talking all about their goodness. I love them and I think Nike did a pretty great job. I recommend you find a store near you and check out these epic shoes, because to walk a mile in my shoes feels like… Well I guess you’ll have to buy them and find out yourself.