Malia Buchanan, Staff Writer

Everyone knows the infamous Rhonda Rousey for being a mean mamma jamma and for being unstoppable in the ring, until November 14. Rousey lost the bantamweight title to Holly Holm. If you saw her face after the match, you could tell she lost. She had blood all over her face, and she was beaten pretty well. Before that night, Rousey had been unbeaten, so this loss was pretty important to her. When she left the arena, she went to the hospital so they could check out her face. After many blows to the head, it is a surprise that she did not have a concussion, but she was knocked unconsciousness by her opponent.

Most everyone has heard of her devastating loss to Holm, and I’m sure it’s not doing much for her confidence. This was her first loss in 12 matches, so everyone was expecting her to come out on top, but quite the opposite happened. Instead of going home with the title of bantamweight champion, she went home knowing that she just lost a very important match. Rousey didn’t even attend the post-fight media conference.

Rousey has been big in the media recently, and a lot of people were expecting her to win on that Saturday night, so more people than Rousey were let down. I expect Ronda to bounce back quickly. I’m sure her next match will be easy;  maybe she’ll run into Holly Holm again, and the outcome will be different.