Malia Buchanan, Staff Writer

I have some good news for you soccer fanatics out there. If you love watching the Heritage girls’ soccer team play, then you might want to come out to the Camp Jordan Arena in East Ridge, Tennessee, for “Heritage U 19,” HHS’s  indoor soccer team. There are so many great things about this team. Not only can you watch your favorite girls play soccer even when the school team isn’t playing, but you can even enjoy it in the warm indoors. To get more information on this fabulous team, I asked Noor Sabeeh, a junior soccer player, about practices and who is on the team. She was extremely helpful and informed me that this team does not practice together but with their separate school teams. That shouldn’t be too difficult for the majority of the team, because most of them are on the Heritage team. Noor also told me that they have only played one game thus far. The ladies play once a week on Friday. I encourage you all to go watch this great group of ladies play soccer. I have yet to see them play, but I am sure it is a sight. It is not all Heritage girls, but I am sure we all have friends from other schools that we would love to watch. On a Friday night you could come watch a couple basketball games and then go check out these girls’ soccer skills. Even if you don’t normally watch soccer, it might be worth your while to come and watch these girls.