Emily Blevins, Staff Writer

The Heritage Generals’ softball team has once again had an outstanding season this year. With very few flaws in the girls’ performance, their rankings in the region, state, and even in the nation remain to stand without disappointment.

Coming out on top and winning games is obviously very uplifting, but honestly the team would not be where it is today, without the help and encouragement of the coaches. Ali Roberts, a sophomore on the softball team, states how her coaches are great leaders of her team. “My coaches talk to me about things and make sure I understand everything,” she also says, and explains how they put thought into each player’s game.

Through their coaches’ support, the players are encouraged to stay positive. Shea Headrick states how her coaches have “done very well at leading the team this season.” The Heritage Generals’ hard work and encouragement have not only reflected out on the field, but also in the team’s rankings. The girls are currently holding a regional ranking of 9-0, as well as 13 in state, and 27 in the nation.

When a few of the girls were asked what they feel is their team’s best quality, they all agree that they “have great team chemistry,” Roberts puts it. The girls are used to practicing and playing together, and as they should, they tend to take advantage of that. Any team, no matter what the sport, will always do better when the teammates are familiar with each other’s strengths and weaknesses. “Our team’s best quality is probably that we all have a good bond; we’re like one big family,” says another sophomore Sydney Smith.

Looking back on the season, the Heritage Generals’ softball team has had several big accomplishments. Some of these accomplishments include making it clear that adversity would not affect the team as well as coming out undefeated in their region. Also, the following Heritage Generals: Sydney Smith, Hannah Wills, Shelby Hamontree, Lauren Lawson, Olivia Tamewitz, and Brooklyn Frazier have decided to verbally commit to a specific college softball team, with Shea Headrick signing a scholarship to Tennessee Temple.

Overall, the Heritage Generals’ softball team will always stand out with their willingness to push through anything they are faced with. With supportive coaches making sure the girls are in a positive mindset, especially when it counts, they will always go home with a feeling of satisfaction.