One Paige at a Time

Brendan Franklin, Staff Writer

It’s Friday night. 4th quarter just started, and the Generals are down by 13. On the sideline stands football manager Paige Johnson as she watches the final quarter anxiously. You can tell by the look in her eye that she is worried. As the game comes to an end, the longing for a win does not go with it. It was close, but the Generals couldn’t pull it together. A deep sigh, then she puts her earbuds in. She thinks to herself, “Maybe if I listen to some uplifting music, it will cheer me up.” But what music makes Paige see more optimistically? 

“Probably Christian music. I love to listen to worship at church, and whenever I go through hard times, it is always good to have Jesus music playing.” To Paige, religion is just as important as family. She has been going to Peavine Baptist Church since the day she was born and couldn’t see herself without Jesus in her life. If Paige is not listening to Christian music, she is most likely listening to country.

“I mostly listen to country music,” she tells me as I give her a confused look because I hate country. “I just like how the songs tell a story. I think it kind of shows how overly emotional I am, which is most of the time, for no reason.” 

High school is a place where you meet new people. People that you potentially spend the rest of your life with. I asked Paige how the relationships she has made in high school have affected her in a good or bad way. 

“I haven’t made many relationships that have negatively affected my life. I am usually pretty good at leaving people who are bad for me,” she said. She began to detail her group of friends and how they have positively impacted her life. “I currently have a great group of friends, and all we ever do is goof off and have fun. They have taught me to not take the moment for granted and to appreciate these last couple years of high school.”

Along with meeting new people, you are bound to meet a lot of people you do not like. High school will bring to light your biggest pet peeves. When I asked Paige what bothers her, she said, “One of the biggest things that bothers me is when people eat food loudly. I can’t stand when people are overly obnoxious for no reason.” 

Paige is very involved at school as one of the football managers. She is an SGA representative for her class, and she is in both FCA leadership and BETA club. This is her third year in Journalism with Mr. Peace, and he has made her a yearbook editor this year. Paige will also be graduating with highest honors. I asked Paige what her plans after high school are, and it seems like she really has her life together.

“After high school, I would like to go to Dalton State and maybe transfer to another school after a couple years there,” she explained to me. “I would like to work at a HeadStart program but I am not sure where to start.” A HeadStart program is a start in learning early childhood education, along with health, nutrition and parent involvement services to low-income children and families. “I am proud of myself for putting myself out there and finding a part in the community,” she said . “I am proud of myself for finding something to do at Heritage. It has allowed me to make a lot of friends and get to know a lot of great people.” She finished the interview holding her head up high and proud to be the person she is. If I learned anything from Paige, it is that she is a sweet girl who wants the best for herself and everyone around her.

B. Franklin