Cade Stone is Conquering the World

Briley Simpson, Staff Writer

Journalism is a class that allows students to write articles for the General Journal and the yearbook, but for Cade Stone it is so much more. Journalism is an outlet for his creativity. He loves that the class allows him to pursue many different things. Cade says, “I enjoy editing photos, taking pictures, and designing stuff, and I really like writing articles. I don’t know why, but I really do, especially the joke articles: those are my favorite.” Journalism allows him to do all the things he loves, and that explains why it is his favorite class at Heritage High School. 

B. Simpson

When Cade isn’t at school he can be found hanging out with his friends, playing video games, or hiking. Cade really likes to hike. He once went on a 20 mile hike! He considers it one of his greater achievements. “It was really hard, so I feel like it is an achievement,” he said. When I asked him about what else he thought were great achievements in his life, he told me about this Ringgold magazine he was in when he was four. He was at the 1890’s day parade playing with a puppet. The next thing he knew, someone took his picture, and he was in the news. He also said that taking care of his younger brother Gunner was a big accomplishment for him. Cade is really good with kids; his family calls him the baby whisperer. Gunner and he are best friends, and Cade loves hanging out with him. He wants to help teach Gunner how to navigate the world and succeed in life. 

If Cade had to have a super power, he would choose super speed, and I think that is a great option. Running around, freezing time, what about that doesn’t sound fun? Cade said, “ Imagine freezing time when you’re like, ‘I didn’t study for this test.’ You stand up and go peek at the test answers.” 

When Cade leaves high school, he really hopes to pursue a career in Business. He hopes to go to Dalton State or some other business school to fulfill his dream. When he is out of college, Cade wants to go on a vacation to Greece or a small country with a lot of history. After that he wants to come back home and move to Cincinnati, Ohio which is his “Dream City.” He says he would likely work for General Electric there or ⅗ Bank. He wants to go to concerts and own a medium house. “I want to also help the less fortunate,” Cade says. 

2020 has been a crazy year for everyone. When I asked Cade what he would change about the year, he said nothing. “I know this sounds weird, but everything happens for a reason and who knows what this all means.” I agree with him. 

Cade is a junior at Heritage and has learned many things throughout his years here. One of the most important lessons he believes he has learned is don’t push work off till the last second. Apparently he learned this lesson the hard way during his freshman math class. “We were learning about X and Y charts. I hated it! She gave us so many packets and told us we needed it for next year. I honestly thought, ‘No, we don’t,’ and I never did the work.” His grade then slipped a bit, and he had to do the assignments anyway. When the next year rolled around,Cade wasn’t prepared when the teacher said they would be learning about . . . you guessed it: X and Y charts. “I was not prepared. That’s why I hate past Cade. Present Cade is okay, but future Cade is the best!” 

B. Simpson

Cade is entering his junior year with high spirits and a happy attitude. He is excited about the future and what is to come. As I have gotten to know him, Cade is a funny and sweet person, who is enthusiastic about everything he does. He is really looking forward to Journalism this year, and who knows what he can accomplish?